August 07, 2004

Shake Shack

The weather is really strange here in New York. It's not as bad as the time we had snowfall in April, but I had to wear a jacket on Friday. Well, in the morning anyway. On Fridays, I go to a Chinese bakery in Chinatown where my uncle works. It's a fairly popular place, where the cakes are their top sellers. My uncle is the cake decorator and miscellaneous person. Hey, not that many cakes are ordered at a time. I help out as much as I can, but I mostly just watch the people work and practice piping and decorating the cakes. It can get kind of dull at times, but I like watching the people work. The bakery's name is Manna House Bakery. It's located at Mott and Hector Street in Manhattan. Being in Manhattan, I leave when it's lunch time and go out to eat.

Yesterday, I walked the 2.1 miles from Hector Street to Madison Square Park to try Shake Shack (Menu). It's a burger/hot dog/shake/etc. kiosk on the South East corner of the park. It's staffed by students of the Washington Irving High School. It supposedly as some of the best burgers in New York. I agree. I honestly cannot bring myself to call McDonald's hamburgers anymore. It's more like a (mostly) meat sandwich. I ordered a Shack Burger and Shake. I was originally going to use my coupon for a free Starbucks drink, but hey, nothing goes better with burger than a shake. The funny thing is, the shake cost nearly as much as the burger. Next time I'll be more wallet-friendly. The lines are incredibly long, but worth the wait. Being a Friday lunch hour, I was the youngest person in line, which is pretty weird feeling. It makes me a bit self-conscious. Just a bit.

The burgers are made In-n-Out style with all the meaty goodness exposed and handed over in a cardboard box. They ask your name and then call it out when your order is finished. It's much better than numbers. After all, who want to hear: "Calling number 8647!" I didn't put and ketchup on it in fear of overpowering the Shack Sauce. Okay, okay, so I didn't notice the condiment table. But heck, ketchup on that burger would have cheapened it. It was absolutely delicious without it. I didn't bring my camera with me, so I lack pictures, but here is the eGullet Topic on it (complete with appetizing pictures).

I actually don't eat much meat anymore, just a few pieces during dinner, or my family would spear me with a chopstick. But wow, that was one delicious burger. Actually, I can't eat much of anything recently; I was ridiculously full after finishing my meal. Oh well, I must try the frozen custard next time. Unfortunately, it seems that it might close when school starts, which depresses me.

Afterwards, I walked down to Union Square and bought a loaf of organic rye bread from Bread Alone. It was for eating with the two pounds of gouda cheese I bought from Costco a few days back. It's quite good, but the lack of yeast the bread gives me the impression of something lacking. I like yeast in bread, but I also like organic bread. Oh well, it's a fair compromise.

Oh by the way, according to Gothamist, there's a Papa Beard opening on Astor Place and Broadway this September. I'm excited - I have to try their choux pastries. Mmm, matcha filled... There's also the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Race in Corona Park in Queens tomorrow. I'm going to go after 饮茶 (yum cha) tomorrow.

Shake Shack
Madison Ave. and 23rd St.

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