August 22, 2004

California Rolls - It's All About the Texture.

Tonight, as last week, my family had california rolls for dinner. My mom learned how make them two years ago, and she really enjoys doing it. The rolling part, that is. The spreading of the rice onto the nori is my job. It's incredibly time consuming, and tiring. Yes, spreading rice onto nori is tiring. My sister and dad are huge eaters, and I would rather give them entire uncut rolls to eat, rather than cut them into pieces. My mother refuses. ;)

Usually, our rolls are done with avacado, cucumber, and shrimp. Today, we decide to buy a frozen smoked eel and try that. My parents were unsure of the taste, so we only bought enough for 5 rolls(35 pieces). A taste test after being thawed revealed the same taste as a sushi restaurant, which was interesting. Preparation of the rolls started at 6. It ended at 8, with 12 sheets of nori used. Compared to shrimp, it's pretty damned tasty! Too bad I can't seem to find sashimi grade tuna around here...
I had my eight rolls, and finished off the meal with some longan.

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