September 17, 2004

Of the End of Summer and Beginning of School - A Quick Recapitulation

Oh boy, it's been one hell of summer, but it had to end. So many things have happened in the last two weeks, I have no idea where to begin. So, I'm not. It'll save me much in terms of headaches. Instead, I'll list a few key events until now. It'll help me clear my cluttered list of things to blog about but never got around to. Here goes:

  • Went to Boston. (The mediocre Chinese food killed the experience) Pictures will be assembled, and posted later.
  • Adopted a flexitarian diet.
  • Started taking protein powder.
  • Gained weight. (92lbs. wasn't exactly healthy for my age/height)
  • Baked two sourdough loaves. The first (pictured above) turned out best.
  • Went to Whole Foods Market.
  • Bought a Kitchenaid Artisan.
  • Went on a picnic in Queens.
  • Started school. (I have Yoga! Yay!)
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Ha. Yoga. You sissy.

Posted by Henry at 11:47 on September 18, 2004. #

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