February 12, 2005

Music in My* Kitchen

(*Hah! I wish. ;P)

Barbara, the blogger behind Tigers & Strawberries tagged me with this meme. Man, I had hoped I would sneak past this one. Darn. ;)

What is the total amount of music files on your computer?

Oh boy. I hope RIAA doesn't read this. Being the huge technophile(cough, nerd), I've amassed quite a respectable quantity of MP3s. They're all categorized by Genre and Artist. Yikes. See for yourself:

The CD you last bought?

Uh. Okay, honestly, I don't buy CDs very often. Okay, maybe I don't exactly buy them at all. In fact, the only CD I remember buying was four years ago. Dance Factory Level 1 by Louie DeVito. Geez, after listening to that a few times, I realize how bad American dance(trance, techno etc.) is.

What was the song you last listened to before reading this message?

Oh man. I realized what a typical nerdy Asian high school student I am. I'll admit it now. I'm known as a huge Japanophile. Huge. I've watched more anime in 7th grade than most people have in 3 or 4 years. I suppose that's due to the fact that anime hadn't hit mainstream American media till the year after. Now, I regret wishing that American companies would licence more anime. Since I follow the stuff a lot, I see lots of fun stuff, like this:


The music! I almost went off into a rant. Well, right before typing this, I listened to a song from Kanon TV. Last Regrets. I don't understand a single word of it, but it really feels nostalgic. It fits the anime and game perfectly.

Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.

Hm, this is a tough one. I don't listen to music very often. Yes, I have nearly enough for a 20GB iPod yet I don't listen to much of it. I don't treat music seriously is all, I guess. Heck, I'd listen to anything that's not country, hip-hop or rap. Well, almost anything.

There is some music that I remember from my childhood. It really brings back memories. In fact, because of this meme, I went and dug through old cassette tapes to find a single tape. It's older than I am. My mother had recorded songs from my uncle's vinyl records of Chinese artists. I think we had close to 50. Man, if we didn't throw them out, they'd be worth a fortune today.

One of the songs I enjoyed from that tape was Leon Lai's Sayanora. Leon Lai(Chinese) is actually still very popular today. I think he released 3 CD last year. Scary. He's one year younger than my mother. I guess he's still pretty good looking, huh? As a bonus, I actually can understand most of the song.

I have another song from that tape that I absolutely love. Unfortunately, I have no idea what her name or the name of the song is. It is also in Cantonese. Literally, one of the lines is: "One person has one wish. Two people have..." Something like that. If anyone knows the name, don't hesitate to tell me!

Recently, I've been listening to Frou Frou very often. In fact, I've been listening to "Shh" at least once a day. I was introduced to it by Yoga class in school. Man, that is some awesome music for Yoga. Not exactly calming, though. You can listen to it on the Frou Frou homepage.

A song I really remember well was the Opening Theme to DNAngel, a really popular anime. Listened to it all day - on repeat.

Eleanor Rigby By the Beatles. I don't need to say anymore.

Who should I tag? Hmm. How about...
Jessica from Su Good Eats; I'm wondering what she listens to when she's baking those macaroons.

Pieman from Noodlepie; What does a journalist listen to in Vietnam anyway?

The Accidental Hedonist; What would an Accidental Hedonist listen to?

Oh, I haven't forgotten about the CNY post. Just give me a few more days. Dumb schoolwork. :/

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Hey, Alan--no getting out of the meme. I got tapped, so I passed on the favor. ;-)

You like anime? And that makes you a geek? Oh, well. I'm a geek too...and what is sad is I am an old geek.

I remember being an anime geek before you were born (I have a daughter your age, btw), often watching stuff that had no subtitles and wasn't dubbed. We had no idea of what anyone was saying, but it looked great, so we didn't care!

Have you ever seen Hakkenden? That is one of my favorite anime series ever. A really neat adaptation of a Japanese novel set in 18th century (I think) Japan--very cool art and weird, supernatural story.

As for listening to music in languages one cannot understand--I do it all the time, so you are not so odd.

Looking forward to your post on CNY!

Posted by Barbara at 03:57 on February 13, 2005. #


I can't imagine an age of watching anime without subtitles. Okay, I'm kidding. I used to watched them dubbed in Cantonese with my family. I should have watched some of them though, like Ranma 1/2. Funny, but not really suitable for my age at the time. :D How were you able to get anime, though? Imagining you in a college dorm in front of a flickering, poor quality VHS with 10 other people is just too much. ;)

Hakkenden is way before my time though. I haven't seen it. Ever. That is - on a shelf, in stores - nowhere. It seems Genon doesn't think it'll sell and pulled it off shelves.

Listening to music you don't understand is one thing, but do you dance to it? Please say you play DDR as well, and I'd adopt you as a parent. :)

Posted by Allen at 08:37 on February 13, 2005. #

Folks in the US used to trade pirated copies of anime from Japan back and forth all the time. They were usually copied from a Japanese VHS that a friend of a friend of a friend bought in Japan, and brought home, then copied. Folks would make ten or fifteen copies and then either sell them, or if they were nice, give them to ten friends, who if they were nice would pass them around to friends, but some of them copied the copies and sold them, on down the line. Some of the stuff we were watching were third or fourth generation copies. My first vewing of Captain Harlock (I am really showing my age now) was a fourth gen copy. Which didn't stop us from cramming into a dorm room and staring at it, goggle-eyed.

Some anime geeks of that time would translate, and do their own subtitles or dubs, and then pass those around. The problem with that was, some of these guys' knowledge of Japanese was, uh, not as good as they thought it was, so the first time I saw a translated Harlock episode, it made no bloody sense. When I finally saw an official subtitled one, I realized how off the amateur translators had been.

As for The Hakkenden--I have all the episodes on VHS, but we just bought them on DVD. If you are interested, I would be glad to send them along to you, if you email me your snailmail addy. They are old, but you should be able to get a few more viewings out of them. I'd rather send them to you than take them down to Half Price Books and be given a few pennies for them.

Do I dance? Well, yeah, sometimes. Not when anyone is watching--my dignity must be spared you know. ;-)

DDR? Is that like D&D? Because if it is, yeah, I am a gaming geek, too.

Geeks never grow up, we just get grey hair and wrinkles. ;-)

As for adoption--hey, we're all for it here. We're moving into a bigger house, so you'd fit right in. Maybe you could help us learn Cantonese so we when we watch our HK movies, we don't need the subtitles on. ;-)

Posted by Barbara at 11:42 on February 13, 2005. #

DDR--Dance Dance Revolution. Gee, I am brainless before coffee. No, I don't play that--but, I probably would if I had it. Though, not when anyone was watching, except maybe Morganna, (my daughter) who is used to her mom being silly and having fun.


Posted by Barbara at 13:24 on February 14, 2005. #

Hi Allen,
Thanks so much for welcoming me into the food blog community by linking to my site and tagging me for this meme! I've posted my music preferences at http://home.earthlink.net/~sugoodsweets/blog/2005/02/bakery-beats.html. Who would've thought...I really dig a certain "boy band." Can't wait to read about your CNY goodies.

Posted by Jessica at 00:45 on February 19, 2005. #

Opeth nigga

Posted by Henry at 16:32 on February 24, 2005. #

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